What is Call To Action? - Meaning and It's Important

What is Call To Action? - Meaning and It's Important

By Simran Arora on Jul 12 2022 | Be the first to comment

Your online website will not be successful until you influence customers to take any desired action. The website places call-to-action buttons for various purposes, such as subscribing to the newsletter, contacting us, enrolling, buying now, etc., to allow the customers to take some action; these buttons on the website help the customers to generate leads. These CTAs persuade potential customers and help the business achieve its marketing goals. Make sure to include CTAs in your marketing strategies to improve sales. So make sure that you understand their concept, usage, and how it works.

We discuss what CTA is, its benefits, why it is necessary, CTA types of CTAs, and essential tips for generating CTAs.

What is CTA (Call-to-Action)?

A CTA is a critical marketing term referring to a text intended to influence users to perform a specific action. Those actions can be “buy now”, sign up, register, etc. It takes the users to the following steps on the sales funnel, leading to lead generation and revenue. Another essential aspect that makes CTAs more compelling is their location, font, color, visibility, and other factors.

Placing CTA at the right place within your website plays a crucial factor in deciding your website's success. While designing your page, make sure they are placed at someplace that are always in reach of the customers. If you do not use proper market strategies, you might lose new opportunities. So, leverage this element to its fullest and achieve your goals.

Why Are CTAs Important?

Though CTAs are the only way to enhance a website’s performance but are important to increase your conversion rates. Having a website does not solve your purpose or achieve set goals unless the customers go through the CTA buttons to generate leads. A CTA with clear text helps the customers understand what the button asks them to do. CTA buttons act as the encouraging factor to make that decision and move down the sales funnel.

There are several ways a CTA can be vital for your business. We have some of the benefits of including CTA within your website.

  • Improves Customer Engagement with the Website

Without CTA, the customer visits your website, goes through your content without taking any action, and might forget your brand. But to make a substantial impact, you must include a CTA button for deeper engagement of the customers. For example, for better engagement with the brand, you can include the CTA button to link to the social media platforms that will help the business increase its following. So, the customer will get notified whenever there is a new update on the brand or specific product. This way, the customers are most likely to get influenced by the product offers and make sales.

  • Improving conversion rates

To get a return on the investment, generating enough conversion rates are essential for any business. But, the question is how CTA helps in boosting the conversion rates. Some CTAs are designed in such a way that it leads to conversion. For example, you can create a subscription form that helps the business get helpful customer information or a survey link to get feedback. You will analyze the gathered data and improve the outlook as per the results. This helps in getting more customers, leading to increased conversion rates.

  • Making loyal customers

Using CTAs, you can include a survey form and get essential data from the customers. Also, you can include the CTA button for a subscription form and get an email id from the customer. It offers you a way to connect to the customers personally and understand their needs. Then send them offers as per their requirement, which builds a solid relationship with the customer. Thus, it is easier to influence customers to purchase and more loyal customers.

  • Increase your email subscriber list

An increasing list of email subscribers is considered a success to some businesses. Including effective email marketing strategies helps the business to generate tremendous leads, build up strong relationships with customers, and help businesses acquire new heights within the market.

Having a strong CTA helps your business expand its email database and contacts list. Thus, you must place the Call to Action buttons within your website, blogs, and other content encouraging users to sign up for your email list. A compelling call to action creates a sense of urgency and encourages the user to act then and there; otherwise, the customer can miss the ongoing offers on their lead products.

For example, you have an end-season sale where you are emptying your last stock, and you can place CTA on your website stating, hurry! Till stock lasts. This will tempt the customers to leverage the ongoing offers.

  • Encourage Customers to Add to Their Cart

An eCommerce site’s success depends on the effectiveness of the CTAs to persuade customers to buy their products. Most online businesses fail or face challenges if their customers leave the items in the cart without purchasing. There could be several factors impacting their decisions to leave without purchasing.

Having the right CTAs in place can help businesses eliminate the issue of cart abandonment and complete the transaction. You can use “Add to Cart” or “Complete Purchase” CTAs to remind the customers that they are missing items in the cart and tempt them to purchase.

  • Persuade People to Share

Having limited customers will not generate enough sales. You can use CTAs like “share” to allow customers to share the brand name and spread awareness to attract more customers.

For example, online shopping platforms allow the users to share the application, and in return, they will get some cashback that they can use in their shopping. Such tactics work well and persuade people to share their application details with other users. Once the other customer starts connecting, they will make more purchase, improving your sales.

  • Boosting the success of digital marketing.

Digital advertising generates awareness about your product by attracting customers and encouraging them to make the deal. The call to action is that missing puzzle piece that amplifies the power of the ad copy. Without the CTA, your message will not make a difference. It won’t let the customers know where they are going. CTAs are one of the essential factors in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, as it will improve your marketing campaign. Leverage the opportunity of creating an impressive CTA to make a good impression on your target audience.

Hard vs. Soft CTAs

Every business has two choices for their CTAs, and they can use either soft or hard CTA depending on the situation of their customers. But before using them within your website, you must understand soft and hard CTAs. We have mentioned both of them with examples for better understanding.

  • Hard CTA

Hard CTAs are straightforward and allow the customers to take specific actions, such as signing up or buying a product. These CTAs work well if the customer is at the end of their buying journey and makes a deal close successfully. But, it is your choice if you want to place them at the beginning of the customer’s buying journey that will lead the customers to purchase something off your website. The success depends on your marketing strategy and the advertising medium you choose to endorse your brand.

Hard CTAs are generally used to create a sense of urgency that persuades the customers to crack a deal. The text used for hard CTAs is to the point and helps the customers understand what you want from them. For example, if your website is running a sale and having CTA with the text “Don’t miss our flat 50% off sale,”. It will work magically.

  • Soft CTA

Unlike hard CTA, soft CTAs are not direct and require less demand from the customers. Such CTAs are generally used to create awareness and consideration about their brand and help the customers familiarize themselves with the products and services. In short, these CTAs help the customers to get to know more about the brand.

A soft CTA allows the potential customer to sign up for a newsletter, enroll for a subscription, etc., to get updated information about the products or follow them on social media. Increasing customer base is also as important as making their purchase. Without having a solid and loyal customer base, you will not get noticed.

Sometimes the soft CTAs include an additional incentive to encourage the potential to take the desired action. For example, if the customer signs up for the newsletter, they can leverage some free services that will help them somehow. Such tactics persuade them to enroll in the newsletter.

How to Create a Compelling CTA?

Creating an effective CTA is an art that must be perfect to attract potential customers. It is one of the crucial factors to increase sales and generate significant leads. We have mentioned several tricks to help you create compelling CTA generating significant leads. Several tricks can be taken into consideration to enhance the impact of your CTA while working on your marketing strategy.

  • Include at least one CTA in your marketing mail

Today, personalized marketing is the new trend as it helps create a stronger relationship with your existing customers. While creating an email, you can simply include a CTA there for the desired action. It is estimated that including CTA within your email will increase the click rate by 370 percent, increase sales by 1617 percent, etc.

Creating an email marketing strategy without any CTA will be a waste of time and effort, as there is nothing to do. Ensure that you guide the customers on what to do and make the CTA descriptive with appropriate text, helping the customers take the desired action.

  • Use engaging words for CTA

If you use engaging words, such as explaining the benefits along with your CTA, you will encounter increased signups. It is estimated that the signups will increase to 34 percent. Also, if you better add a picture of another customer as a reference, it will boost the conversion rates. Put your creativity on the table while creating and designing CTA. You better understand what your customer is looking for and include that within your email with an impactive CTA to win customers’ trust.

For example, if your website sells some hair oil, you can use CTA with words like “get rid of your hair fall”. It will have an extraordinary impact.

  • Target personalization with CTA

Instead of bombarding everyone with your product without knowing the target audience’s intention, you better use a personalized marketing strategy. Using personalized targeting with CTA works more than including CTA images. It allows the business only to connect and send personalized emails or messages to potential buyers. It is estimated that having a personalized call for action will increase your conversion rates by 200 percent. Also, it is estimated that about 42 percent of visitors convert into leads.

You need to analyze significant data to target your audience, but it will be worth it once you start getting traction. With the accurate insights and the tools at your disposal, you will get an increased click-through rate. You need to be more attentive to newcomers and create CTAs that will create the first impression for them.’

While, for existing subscribers, you can create a whole different experience as they already know about your brand, you can directly get to the point without beating around the bush.

  • Use the effective verb in CTA

It is estimated that more than 94 percent of websites use creative verbs to grab customers’ attention. CTA is one of the driving factors in determining the high conversion rates of your website. Ensure that you use clear and robust CTA to make a significant difference to your leads. Use engaging verbs, making concise CTA for instant action. You can ask the customers to perform a specific action with a strong verb. Avoid grammatical mistakes in your CTA, as they persuade customers to move to the next step of the sales funnel.

  • Button-initiated CTA

There are several ways to include CTA within your website. But, using buttons for creating CTA has more impact than other methods. It is estimated that CTAs with buttons are more likely to generate 45 percent more clicks. If you have a CTA button on the last page after the purchase for providing feedback, it is more likely to be pressed than a link-based CTA. Ensure that your CTA will look like a button or confuse the customers to proceed.

Make your button noticeable but not irritating that it will block the outlook of your website. Use the appropriate color and font for the button to blend with the background and give a soothing picture. Also, it is better to gather insights into how people behave to different CTAs and design one with keeping all the facts in mind.

  • Avoid using too many CTAs

CTAs work well for any business to boost their conversion rates. But, flooding your website with too many CTAs will harm your business as there is no clarity on what action needs to be performed by the customer. It creates much confusion, and the customer will do nothing and bounce back. So make sure that you choose the right amount of CTA with appropriate work length as it tends to increase the conversion rates by 232 percent. Let your website breathe with sufficient CTAs in the right place to grab quick attention.

  • Create mobile-optimized CTAs

People use mobile phones as their go-to access to any website, ensuring quick access instead of desktops. So while designing your website, test your application if it is compatible with various devices. Also, check if the CTA button appears in the right place while scrolling the website. As around 52.2 percent of traffic comes from mobile phones, take care of the placement of CTAs accordingly.

How to Gather Insights About CTAs?

Before you start designing your CTA, make sure you understand the needs of your target audience by analyzing the trends. Going into detailed market research allows you to get the desired information. You can use different ways to gather those insights.

  • Knowing target audience

Always make sure you know your target audience, what they are looking for, what they expect from the website, what language they prefer, what ticks them the most, and several other details. You can leverage various analytics tools to gather these details, such as google analytics, etc.

  • Keyword usage

To rank your website in SEO, you need to use wise keywords frequently used by the customers while searching for a brand. If your website ranks higher in SEO, it is most likely to be hit by the customers. To find which keyword will work for your website, you can use various tools and check their performance.

  • Analyzing the response to the competitor’s website

You can use various tools to get the performance details of your competitors. You can check what strategies have been used by your competitors and check their performance. If those strategies have been worked for them, it might work for you.

Useful CTA Button for Your Website.

You can place CTA buttons at various places within your website. But, the below-mentioned types of CTAs will have a high chance of generating more leads.

  • Lead generation

  • For submission type

  • Read more CTA

  • Know more about the product

  • Sharing CTA types

You can use these or another type of useful CTAs for generating leads.


Having a website is not enough and does not generate leads. You need to provide the CTAs (CALL-TO-ACTION) button to ensure that the customer moves along the sales funnel. CTA has a significant impact on the website’s performance as it attracts more customers than ever and takes the desired action as per the business. CTA ensures that the customer pays attention to the details and purchases or subscribes to their services. Thus, using a strong, concise, and powerful CTA is essential for every business to grab customers’ attention.

We understood how CTA helps in boosting conversion leads. Also, got to know several ways to create a compelling CTA that will work great with your marketing strategy. So, always consider various factors and gather insights to choose the suitable CTA for your website.


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