Difference between A/B Testing and System Testing

Difference between A/B Testing and System Testing

By Simran Arora on Jul 19 2022 | Be the first to comment

When it comes to delivering high-quality and defect-free applications to the end-users, software testing is the only way to do so. No development firm delivers its applications or makes them live in the market without testing them. The PRNewswire report states that the software testing market is expected to grow by 34.49 billion USD with a CAGR of 12.39% by 2025. Through this blog post, we shall make you familiar with the key differences between A/B testing and system testing.

Why is software testing essential?

Software testing helps in determining the quality of the software. Here the software testing team finds bugs and other flaws in the system and reports them to the development team to fix them. Here are some significant reasons why software testing is necessary.

  • It helps in checking the product quality. Testing eliminates coding errors and bugs that might occur at runtime.

  • Through testing, companies can save money & their reputation.

  • The QA team can help detect security flaws in the apps before launching them to the market.

  • Testing also enhances the overall development process.

  • Through testing, the testing team takes care of customer satisfaction.

What is A/B Testing?

A/B testing is a type of software testing where two or multiple versions of the prototype get tested against each other to check. It checks which version appeals more to visitors (in the case of the user interface) or which one performs better (in the case of programming logic). The quality assurance team runs the test on web applications, smartphone apps, ads, and other apps used in hand-held devices to test possible advancements in comparison to a control, performance, logic, etc., compared to the original version. Such type of testing is also called split testing or bucket testing.

What is system testing?

System testing is a software testing type in which the test procedures get performed on the entire integrated system or product. The main objective of this type of testing is to assess the complete software and its specification. Usually, the software is simply a part of the entire application ecosystem. The system testing checks the software from end to end with respect to other hardware associated with the software. In other words, system testing evaluates a series of various tests with the exclusive purpose to enforce the entire computer-based system.

Difference between AB Testing and System Testing


We hope this article has given you a crisp idea of the differences between A/B testing and system testing and how they differ from each other. Software testing plays a significant role during the software development process. The lead testers or the quality assurance managers should decide which testing approach they should follow to deliver the software in its best quality to the market.


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