10 Best Conversion Rate Optimization Case Studies

10 Best Conversion Rate Optimization Case Studies

By Vijay Singh Khatri on Jul 02 2022 | Be the first to comment

We are living in the digital age. And, if you happen to be a marketer, you might be aware that good optimization is a key to having better conversion rates. Now, the chances are that you might be searching for effective tactics for optimizing your site for better conversions. Luckily, many marketers have been generous enough to disclose the tactics that have brought them success.

Best Conversion Rate Optimization Case Studies

We have curated some of them. We have decided to inform you about some of those conversion rate optimization techniques in this article. So, read on.

1. Updated Design Boosts Conversions up to 33%

Overview and Achieved Results

CloudSponge used to have a backdated design for their website. So, they decided to redesign their site. Getting rid of the social proof helped boost engagement to a noticeable extent. And, surprisingly, the updated design helped CloudSponge achieve a 33% conversion boost.

Key Findings

  1. If your website design looks outdated, it will negatively impact your site engagement. So, it’s better to update its design. It will all be worth it once you witness a conversion bump.

  2. If your website design is boring and lackluster, contains only one call to action, and offers no significant reasons why one should pick your website over others, you’re in for a disaster. Nobody likes to visit such a website. However, if your site looks interesting, allows visitors to watch a demo video, and clearly describes why one should give your site a try, your website engagement is bound to increase.

2. Making Copy Action-Oriented Attracts 93% More Persons to Click

Overview and Achieved Results

L’Axelle strived to make more people click on their ‘PLACE ITEM IN eCART’ button. Their original homepage had “Feel fresh without sweat marks” written. So, they employed a great conversion rate optimization tactic and changed the headline to “Put an end to sweat marks!” L’Axelle said that the original copy was comfort-oriented. It implied that they would feel comforted and relaxed after using the underarm sweat pads. The test copy, on the contrary, is action-oriented and assures the visitors that their product will solve a problem. The changed headline and copy helped L’Axelle achieve a 38.3% conversion rate that is 93% better than before.

Key findings

  1. “Put an end to sweat marks!” is action-oriented and offers the site visitors assurance that their days of misery are now over. This, in turn, makes the visitors willing to give the product a chance. So the assurance that the product would surely solve a problem becomes a crucial factor in determining whether the visitor would make a purchase or not.

  2. Adding the word “end” is a real game-changer here. It makes the reader feel convinced that they would never face the sweat mark problem again. If the headline had something like “Reduce sweat marks,” the copy might not have been as effective as this.

3. Adding a Photo of an Individual Brings About a 102.5% Boost in Highrise Signups

Overview and Achieved Results

37signals modified their Highrise product page design. Although they conducted many tests, we will feature the one where they tested with two different site designs – one having a plain white background and the other with a picture of a customer. The results showed that the page design with the photo performed miles better (a 102.5% boost in high-rise signups) than a white background. They also tested a long page with the same background photos vs. a short page. The long page performed worse and brought about only 22.72% of Highrise signups.

Key Findings

  1. As we have found, the type of background having a person’s photo attracts more people than other pages with plain, bland backgrounds online. Bland backgrounds like the one mentioned here pretty much repel a potential customer. The plain background has nothing exciting to offer. On the other hand, the image of a person interests a person and allures them to take the page more seriously.

  2. Adding a picture of an individual to your background might signify to the visitors that the site has importance and make them read more about the services it offers. The attached photo of a person feels more human, more organic than a plain, one-colored background. So it kind of makes a connection between the potential buyer and the seller/site.

4. Adding Reviews Causes a 35% Increase in Conversions

Overview and Achieved Results

Here’s another amazing conversion rate optimization tactic. FigLeaves is a site that sells women’s apparel. They came up with an idea and added product reviews to their website, and it worked. It made 35% more customers willing to purchase a product from FigLeaves.

Key Findings

  1. Assisting the visitors in navigating and making decisions is very effective if you want to boost conversions and make more visitors likely to purchase something from your website. Such reviews help make the visitors feel that they are not being left in the dark; they know a couple of things about the product they plan to purchase.

  2. The reviews help visitors get an idea of the product before buying it. If they feel satisfied reading the reviews, they might incline towards buying it. The customer is about to spend their hard-earned money on your product. So, it is natural that they would feel that they deserve to know a few things about the product beforehand. So it’s vital to live up to their expectations.

5. Redesigning the Pricing Page Boosts Conversions by 25%

Overview and Achieved Results

BaseKit desired to obtain more performance out of their pricing page. So, they opted for a redesign of their old pricing page. And, it was a massively successful move. The redesigning made the new version bolder and more vibrant. It also made the design more exciting, added a few testimonials, and showed less-confusing pricing with clearer currency choices. All this contributed greatly to the significant 25% increase in the conversion rate.

Key Findings

  1. The pricing page is as significant as the pricing itself for any website. A great pricing page allures visitors to buy something from your website. If your pricing page is a mess, people will not feel the urge to give your products a chance. However, if your pricing page is clear, neat, and vibrant, visitors are more likely to become your customers.

  2. Your pricing page design can play a massive role in determining whether a visitor becomes interested in buying something from your site or not. So as a marketer, make sure that you cast a great impression on the customer with your pricing page.

6. Adding Testimonials Boosts Conversions by 34%

Overview and Achieved Results

This amazing conversion rate optimization tactic comes from WikiJob. Originally, WikiJob contained three testimonials on their homepage. However, the testimonials had a few issues with them. The testimonials didn’t mention the names of any customers. So, it was almost impossible to figure out whether they were even testimonials or not. They were only simple quotes written on the homepage. WikiJob opted for an A/B test and moved the testimonials at top of the page. What they got was a 34% boost in conversion rates.

Key Findings

  1. Testimonials are signs to visitors that the previous individuals who availed of your services saw success. Such words from your previous customers written on the homepage make you more trustworthy in the eyes of your new potential customer. Therefore, they help boost your credibility and reputation.

  2. Testimonials are proof of your reputability. Most people like to use the services of experienced providers rather than newcomers. So you have to utilize them to their fullest potential. Adding testimonials to your homepage makes you stand out in an ocean of service providers.

7. Redesigned Website Flow Contributes to a 2.20% Increase in Conversion Rates

Overview and Achieved Results

Zen Windows previously had a conversion rate of only .75%. So they hired a firm to perform a conversion rate optimization. The firm redesigned the visitor flow, and it was a decent success. Consequentially, Zen Windows’ conversion rate saw a boost of 2.20%.

Key Findings

  1. The redesign helped make it easier for people to navigate through the site. If your visitors are having issues with navigation in your site, you can be certain that it would hurt your conversion rates. So you got to be careful about the website flow.

  2. This is an era where people have little time on their hands. So, if your site is wasting their precious time, you can be sure that they will dump your site right there and won’t look back, thus, if your site is easy to navigate.

8. Security Seal Boosts Conversions by 7.6%

Overview and Achieved Results

Oriental Furniture employed an awesome conversion rate optimization technique by adding a Buy Safe seal to its site. They checked it against the control that lacked such a seal. After a few months passed, Oriental Furniture noticed a 7.6% increase in conversions. The security seal contributed to building people’s trust in the site and its products.

Key Findings

  1. Assurances like a security seal are always useful for websites to build visitors’ trust. The first-time visitors don’t know who you are or how safe it would be to buy products from your online store. So when they see something like “Buy Safe” written on a site, they feel more comfortable being your customers.

  2. Adding a security seal is an excellent way to boost your site’s reputation. They give direct signals to your potential customers that your site is reliable and zero harm in purchasing something from you.

9. Adding Google Site Search Brings About a Boost of 11% in Conversions

Overview and Achieved Results

WaterFilters.net wanted a search for their site. To make it happen, they opted for Google Site Search. The test’s direct consequence, the site’s bounce rate dropped by 4%, while the conversions grew by 11%.

Key Findings

  1. Helping visitors in their navigation directly via your website is an amazing technique that boosts conversions with efficacy. This extra yet useful facility helps cast a good impression about you on your visitors. Hence, they are more likely to become your customers this way than if you don’t offer them such a facility.

  2. Besides boosting the conversions, such a move could reduce your bounce rate too. So, as a marketer, you can be more at ease, knowing that most visits to your website won’t be mere visits with no sales. They would be fruitful and become sales.

10. Proving Genuineness Boosts Sales by a Whopping 107%

Overview and Achieved Results

Here’s an amazing conversion rate optimization tactic utilized by Express Watches. Express Watches is an online seller of Seiko watches in Britain. Most customers are afraid that they will purchase fake watches from online stores. Keeping this in mind, Express Watches opted for an A/B test to see whether customers gave more importance to price or genuineness. First, they had a Seiko watch competing on price point. And then, they sold the same watch assuring its legitimacy. The latter boosted the sales by 107% than the former.

Key findings

  1. In an industry where frauds are rampant, proving to people that you’re authentic can make sales grow. Many online stores out there today are unworthy of being trusted. They show one product and deliver another, breaking their promise. Therefore, if you can be a man/woman of your word and stand out, people would be more inclined towards buying from you than others.

  2. Most customers care more about authenticity than price. So always try to ace in the field of legitimacy if you want to boost your sales. Do not list anything on your site that you can’t deliver. Don’t run behind quantity. Instead, maintain the quality of your products. People would automatically want to buy from your store once you build a considerable reputation.


As you can see, achieving good conversions is vital to making your website grow as a marketer. It is necessary to employ effective tactics proven to help boost a site’s conversions. Generous marketers have revealed the tactics to the public that helped their site achieve increased conversion rates.

This article sought to inform you about some of those wonderful conversion rate optimization techniques so that you can employ them on your site. There are so many effective tactics, from updating your website design to adding reviews to your site to redesigning the website flow – there are so many effective tactics. Our article could not list all the tactics to boost sales and conversions. It is not possible.

So, we recommend you perform some research of your own and see what gems you can find. However, we assure you that you can consider this article as a starting point, so you don’t feel puzzled at any point. Then, you can proceed with employing an original idea if you desire. Remember that every site is unique. So don’t hesitate to experiment and see what works best. Good luck!


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