Best A/B Testing Tools to Use in 2022

Best A/B Testing Tools to Use in 2022 [Ranked]

By Simran Arora on Jul 12 2022 | Be the first to comment

At present, digitalization is ruling our lives. Be it personal or professional domains; we are relying on digital interfaces. With this, the startup ecosystem is witnessing a significant boom. If you own a business or a startup, you must know how everything has transformed from offline to the online world. 

Moreover, after initiating a venture, the most vital step is to attract visitors to your website. Right? Well, this indeed is a game-changer. Your customers define your success ratio and contribute to the growth of your business. As evident, everyone wants their visitors to become customers. To understand the mechanics of this conversion, it is necessary to gain knowledge about two essential terms:

  1. Conversion Funnel

  2. Conversion Rate

Conversion Funnel 

A conversion funnel connotes the journey of a buyer leading to a purchase. More precisely, it is a conversion path of the visitors to paying customers. Various methods exist to attract these visitors, such as SEO, content marketing, paid ad campaigns, social media platforms, etc. 

Conversion Rate

The conversion rate of any website is the percentage of visitors who accomplish your desired goal out of the total sum of visitors. Therefore, a high conversion rate indicates a successful marketing strategy from your end. It implies that you can fulfill the needs of your customers. 

You can also achieve a soaring high conversion rate. For that, you should have a completely optimized conversion funnel. 

A/B testing is the most adopted approach for optimization of the conversion funnel! 

What is A/B Testing?

A/B testing is also known as split testing or bucket testing. It is an approach to compare two different versions of a webpage or an application against each other and know which one gives better performance. The original testing page is called control, and the varying page is called variation. 

You can consider A/B testing as an experiment where two or more versions of a webpage are introduced to the users. After that, statistical analysis is done to understand which variant performs better concerning a pre-decided conversion goal. The success metric can be the following:

  • Click-through rate (CTR)

  • Conversion rate

  • Open rate

  • Subscription rate

  • Some other visit action

With testing, you can eliminate the guesswork and implement website optimization statistics and data-based decisions. Moreover, it becomes easy to analyze which changes work and which don't!

How does A/B testing work?

A/B testing is majorly inclusive of the following steps:

  • Firstly, analyze the webpage performance data to select which elements should be optimized. For that, you can use several behavioral or analytical tools.

  • The next step is to build the hypothesis by using the data to change elements such as text, design, appearance, etc.

  • Implement the variations or changes as per the hypothesis

  • Use A/B testing tools to compare the results and understand the performance of variation against the control.

  • Design the next iteration as per the collected data after experimentation.

Ways to Build A/B testing hypothesis

In addition, you can also adopt the below-mentioned ways to build an adequate hypothesis before using the A/B testing tools.

  • Behavioral data: Behavioural analysis tools assist you in understanding the customer's journey on your website. Moreover, it is possible to analyze how the visitors interact, navigate, or spend the most time on which webpage. 

  • Analytical data: With this, it is easy to gauge the overall performance of your website and locate points for optimization. For instance, Google Analytics can help you compare bounce rate, traffic, conversion rate, and much more. 

  • Qualitative data or Surveys: It helps you know the reasons behind customers' behavior. These surveys can further assist in understanding why the conversion rate is low. It provides answers to your questions to the customers, such as, did you get what you were looking for? Did the website fulfill your needs? 

10 Best A/B Testing Tools to use in 2022

Here is the list of the ten best A/B testing tools to optimize your website and gain traffic. Take a look:

  • A/B Smartly

  • Optimizely

  • Adobe Target

  • Google Optimize

  • Evolv

  • VWO

  • SiteSpect

  • Oracle Maxymiser

  • HubSpot

  • A/B Tasty

1. A/B Smartly

A/B Smartly is an excellent knowledge-based and engineering-centric experimentation platform. With this tool, you can run abundant A/B tests simultaneously and expect reliable results. Users can witness the impact of experiments on page load, render times, and queries. 

It supports multiple data sinks such as Redshift, S3, Hadoop, Apache Druid, Snowflake, and many more. 

In addition, with A/B Smartly's easy-to-use dashboard, the user can obtain real-time reports. You can identify breakages immediately, and the tool stops broken experiments in no time. This platform also awares you about robots' novelty effects, deeps or spikes, sample ratio mismatches, etc. 

Moreover, it runs locally and discards the costly user experiences issues. It provides you with excellent privacy and development flexibility. A/B Smartly integrates with existing data warehouses, event streams, and internal platforms. 

2. Optimizely

Optimizely is one of the leading A/B testing tools available. It's a reasonable and highly user-friendly tool. 

Optimizely has a simple multivariate testing setup. Their leading digital experience platform assists with effective tools to optimize in novel ways. In addition, the commerce and experimentation capabilities help to simplify complicated scenarios. It further offers five products:

  • Full-stack

  • Digital experience platform

  • Rollouts

  • Web experimentation 

  • Optimization-as-a-service

With web experimentation, it is possible to optimize the customer experience. In addition, Optimizely also offers an open-source service; Rollouts. It helps in the hassle-free and easy release of your website. 

Optimizely is widely adopted with more than 900 partners all across the globe. With tremendous success, this tool is best suited for small and large businesses.

3. Adobe Target

Adobe Target is one of the most widely used tools to perform A/B testing. 

This tool presents you with the power of artificial intelligence that helps to upscale your website optimization experience. It becomes easy to test and personalize with AI and machine learning at a massive scale. Manual approaches can not accomplish personalization for each customer. Hence, with Adobe Target, customers can enjoy personalized experiences. 

In addition, you can create multivariate and A/B tests anytime, anywhere. It is easier to test several versions of web pages or applications simultaneously. This makes the testing quicker and more efficient. 

Moreover, Adobe Target also allows geotargeting used for cross-selling improvement, cross-channel testing, delivery of content, and much more. 

4. Google Optimize 

Google Optimize is an incredible A/B testing tool. It shows you which site experience engages the customers quickly. With this platform, you can perform A/B testing, Multivariate testing, Split URL testing, Server-Side experiments, and much more.

Optimize works in integration with Google Analytics. It helps you analyze which elements of your site need improvisation. With this, it becomes easier to locate the problem areas and turn the insights into a better customer experience. 

Moreover, it is easy to set up Optimize in minutes by inserting a line of code into the existing Google Analytics implementation.

With Optimize, you can test multiple variations of your website quickly. There are a variety of experiment types, visual editors, and more. By performing these tests, you can understand what works best for the users and what does not!

Moreover, Google Optimize also offers Optimize 360, which helps run up to 100 experiments to test anything on your website to achieve greater efficiency. 

5. Evolv

Evolv AI runs on AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) technology. This platform helps to solve the complexities of digital experiences. It further guarantees efficiency and consistency across all your digital channels. 

With Evolv, users can expect to eliminate inconsistency or friction in various disparate channels such as chatbot, call center, email, digital ad, landing page, mobile, etc. Moreover, users benefit from optimizing different elements such as copy, layout, workflow, media, and look. 

Evolv AI leverages a new data set that keenly analyses visitors' journeys. It focuses on customer behavioral tracking and helps to make better decisions. In addition, this platform uses an active learning approach that determines the experiences to serve using traffic and time effectively. 

Evolv AI's machine learning algorithms make it feasible to analyze the interactions between various tests and know what's best for the target audience. Hence, it is easy to deliver personalization to the customers through continuous experimentation with this tool. 

6. VWO

VWO assists you in delivering excellent digital experiences by improving key business metrics. It helps in optimizing the entire customer journey end-to-end. Users can attain visitor behavior insights by using various methods such as on-page surveys, usability reviews, heatmaps, session recordings, and funnels. 

In addition, VWO allows testing hundreds of hypotheses to understand the customer's behavior and even fixes the breakages while testing. It can test anything, such as workflows, search algorithms, product feature changes, and much more. You can perform testing on a massive scale. 

Therefore, you get access to the multi-channel experimentation with the server-side testing product, VWO FullStack. 

This platform also offers VWO Engage, allowing users to fetch the lost customers back to the conversion funnel. 

7. SiteSpect

SiteSpect is an excellent platform that supports A/B testing. It also performs multivariate tests, optimization of SPAs (Single-Page Applications), and personalization. 

SiteSpect offers alerts, reports, and updates regarding the digital engagement of your website with the customers. With these analytics, you can implement various changes per the user's requirements. For further understanding, the comprehensive dashboard helps you to know about:

  • KPIs

  • Conversion funnels

  • Conversions

  • User action events

  • Key user interactions

SiteSpect offers detailed reports, alerts, deep segmentation, and updates to understand your digital presence.

Moreover, it is feasible to make better and faster decisions with analytics. 

SiteSpect also provides high performance across all devices and delivers a smooth experience. 

8. Oracle Maxymiser

Oracle Maxymiser testing and optimization offers various solutions regarding testing. It focuses on website testing, in-session personalization, real-time behavioral targeting across multiple websites and applications. 

It conducts A/B and multivariate testing and divides the traffic to analyze the variation in the sales funnel. The test data can be used to understand customer preferences to know the areas that need improvements.

In addition, users get an easy-to-use import tool to fetch data from any source and develop customer profiles that result in effective testing and targeting. Hence, it is easier to find what works and what doesn't. Oracle Maxymiser also provides a visual editor supporting technical and non-technical user collaboration. 

With Oracle Maxymiser's powerful stats engine, you can employ offline and online data to make accurate decisions. Moreover, users can achieve higher conversion rates across various channels consistently.

9. HubSpot

HubSpot is a powerful and easy-to-use testing platform. It is simpler to create delightful customer experiences. Their marketing software assists in running a successful inbound marketing strategy that boosts traffic, increases conversion rates, and shows ROI. In addition, the sales software is inclusive of robust tools to escalate sales productivity and make your sales process seamless.

Hubspot's content management software is highly flexible for developers and provides a personalized and secure experience to customers. Moreover, the customer services makes it feasible to connect with customers and transform them into promoters of your business.

Furthermore, the operations services help you create customer data and automate business processes. It results in aligned teams that help to accustom to the changing needs of your customers. With all these benefits, Hubspot provides solutions to your problems. 

10. A/B Tasty

A/B Tasty is an excellent tool for A/B testing. It is a customer experience optimization company. With this platform, you can build seamless user experiences and unlock new levels of possibilities. 

With AI and automation, the experimentation and personalization platform provides rich digital experiences to the customers. Moreover, its easy-to-use platform helps you to start campaigns in days. This further results in higher ROI. 

A/B Tasty offers advanced tools that help understand the needs of the customers, the challenges of the competitors, and the nature of the changing trends of markets. 

After analyzing these areas, it becomes easy to develop strategies that suit your business the best! In addition, the testing strategies help to draw comparisons with your existing and proposed model. You can quickly implement the model that shows the best results with the accumulated data. 

Overall, A/B Tasty is a fast solution to your testing problems.


A/B testing involves experimentation on existing websites or applications to implement better versions of the existing pages. It helps to increase the traffic and conversion rates. It is the most effective and efficient method to increase your reach. 

This is why top companies are performing these tests regularly to fetch the best results for their business. 

If you are a business owner and are not practicing these tests, you are lagging!

This article gives you a deep understanding of A/B testing and the best A/B testing tools available. We hope that the information helps you solve your ambiguities and better understand the topic. 

Start testing! 


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